Rectangular copper wire for paper and enamel insulation

In the electrical industry, rectangular wires with defined corner radii are used in motors, generators and transformers.

In comparison with round wires, rectangular wires have the advantage of allowing more compact windings, thereby delivering both space and weight savings. The electrical efficiency is also better, which saves energy.

Especially when the wires are meant to be insulated with enamel, the precision of width and thickness as well as the geometry of the corner radius is of great importance for the defect-free use in electrical coils.

Typical line for medium sized sections

Complete line

Five stand standard line for the medium size range of rectangular copper wire. This system covers the typical CTC size range and beyond.

Fuhr naturally supplies both this standard system and also production lines for the size ranges above and below.

  • Speed: 500 m/min
  • Size range:
    • Width: 3,0 to 16,0 mm
    • Thickness: 1,0 to 6,0 mm
    • Precision: +/– 0,005 to +/–0,015 mm

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Static vertical coil pay-off

  • For pulling off round wire from pallets, carriers or out of drums
  • Continuous operation by welding the ends of the wire together while the line is running

Horizontal reel pay-off

  • With cantilever or double-sided reel take-up
  • For reels from 500 kg to 4.000 kg
  • Optionally with oscillation for straight input into the line, particularly useful if flat wires have to be rolled in two passes

Drawing machines

  • Diameter reduction of the incoming round wires to minimize goods in stock
  • Lubrication with emulsion
  • Optional water cooling of the drawing drum

2-high rolling mill WSR

  • Typically one or two 2-high rolling mills
  • Flat rolling of the wires
  • Roll oscillation to avoid track marks

Dancer regulation

  • For the regulation of the wire tension between the rolling mills
  • Wire submersion cooling
  • Wire path in accordance with dimensions:
    • straight line operation for large cross sections
    • deflection operation for small cross sections

WSE rounding rolling mill

  • Rolling of the corner radii
  • Both rolls driven
  • CNC controlled roll positioning horizontally and vertically

WST universal rolling mill

  • Calibration of wire width and thickness at the same moment
  • Highest precision
  • Full product range of wires without change of roll

SMH1000-Mo/O precision layer spooling machine

  • Computer controlled layer winding program
  • Faultless layer winding with guide wheel

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