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It was in the year 1946 that the engineer Karl Fuhr, with quite a unique level of dedication and ingenuity, laid the foundation for a company that’s become a globally successful player.

Nothing has changed in this spirit to this very day: The know-how and the motivation of a great variety of people are our success factor to this day. This is why we ensure that our people enjoy the necessary scope for them to act on their own initiative, and rely entirely on their individual, professional commitment.

You can also rely on a highly qualified and strongly motivated team that draws on the most varied professional backgrounds and commands precise and in-depth knowledge of the markets, cultures and requirements of their industry. A team that is firmly committed to continuous improvement – every single day, year in, year out.


Volker Gerth

General Manager Technical Sales

+49 (0)5233 38360-18

Volker Gerth has been with FUHR since 1990, and initially spent several years in the construction department as a mechanical engineer. There, he gained his first experience with the construction of wire rolling mills.

After moving to Sales in the year 1995, Mr. Gerth also headed the technical management 2 years later. As a member of the management team, he is responsible for Technical Sales since 2005.

Sebastian König

Dipl.-Ing., EUR ING, MBA
Managing Partner

+49 (0)5233 38360-24

Sebastian König is heading the company in third generation together with Volker Gerth, being responsible for corporate strategy, financial controlling, human resources management, marketing and public relations.

Having obtained a master’s degree in naval architecture & marine engineering, as well as a post-grad MBA, previous assignments have taken him to Great Britain, France, the UAE, Sudan and Switzerland. Sebastian König has been working as a General Manager for FUHR since the beginning of 2010.


Volker Gerth

General Manager Technical Sales

+49 (0)5233 38360-18

Volker Gerth has been Head of Technology & Sales since 1997. According to him, this is the job of his dreams. Here he can take up ideas from our customers as well as developments in the market and, together with the project management, implement them in new machine concepts.

Benjamin Joachim

Manager Sales

+49 (0) 5233 38360-25

As a trained industrial mechanic and a chartered mechanical engineer, Benjamin Joachim knows how to take customer requirements and turn them into economical production solutions.

Since 2010, he has specialised in the international sales of customised manufacturing systems and has strengthened our team since 2021.

Thomas Klare

After-Sales & Technical Support

+49 (0)5233 38360-65

Thomas Klare embarked on his training at FUHR more than 3 decades ago. During the course of his vocational activities he has developed into a highly specialized, competent professional and valuable point of contact for our rolling technology.

As a seasoned trouble shooting expert, Mr. Klare supports our customers in addressing any problems arising from rolling mill operations.

Esther Klinge

Manager Sales Support

+49 (0)5233 38360-42

Esther Klinge looks back on almost 2 decades of professional experience in various fields, such as sales, marketing, freight forwarding and exhibitions. She has been working for an international automotive group for most of her professional life, some of those years in a responsible position in England.

As of summer 2019, she is actively supporting us in our sales activities. She is also the contact person and coordinator for our trainees.

Susanne Lingemann

Sales Support

+49 (0)5233 38360-41

For more than 25 years and in various industries, the trained economist Susanne Lingemann has been able to gain extensive professional experience in sales and purchasing, as well as operational planning.

With this valuable knowledge she is strengthening our sales activities since spring 2019.

Jürgen Majewski

Manager Sales

+49 (0)5233 38360-27

With several years of experience as a project manager in the fields of die casting, heat and surface treatment as well as galvanising technologies and metal cutting, Jürgen Majewski strengthening our sales team since 2019.

Karl-Heinz Voss

After-Sales Spare Parts & Components

+49 (0)5233 38360-12

Karl-Heinz Voss joined FUHR in 1981 and has supported Sales as dedicated contact for spare parts and rolling mill  components since 1997. In addition, Mr. Voss is responsible for special profile wires as a specialist for profile roll design.

Projekt management

Jonas Borgolte

Head of Engineering

+49 (0)5233 38360-46

Jonas Borgolte, a chartered mechanical engineer with a dual education background, has been strengthening our design department since 2019 and took over the team lead position in autumn 2022.

In addition, he is in charge of the standardisation processes in the company.

Benjamin Alteheld

Senior Project Manager

+49 (0)5233 38360-43

Benjamin Alteheld is with FUHR since 2009. Today, he holds sole responsibility for construction orders for individual units as well as complete rolling mills.

Klaus Hürche

Senior Project Manager

+49 (0)5233 38360-13

Klaus Hürche has been with FUHR since 1999 as a construction engineer at the Technical Office (TO). Today, as project manager, he is responsible for the technical engineering implementation of our customers’ specific and demanding requirements.

Carsten Lilienthal

Project Manager

+49 (0)5233 38360-63

Carsten Lilienthal, a trained mechanical engineering designer, has been working at FUHR since 2015 and, within the scope of his design work, produces, among other things, individual part and production drawings, partial assemblies, as well as entire rolling mills.

Nathanael Penner

Project Manager

+49 (0)5233 38360-16

After having started as an industrial mechanic with FUHR in 2012, Nathanael Penner now works as a mechanical engineering technician in our construction department, responsible for both partial design work and the layout of entire wire rolling machines.


Martin Göbel

Custom-made parts

+49 (0)5233 38360-66

Since his apprenticeship as a machine fitter in 1985, Martin Göbel initially worked at FUHR as a fitter and thus, was also regularly active on customer assignments at home and abroad before gaining experience as head of in-house production.

Today, the procurement of drawing parts is the responsibility of the mechanical and industrial technician.

Thomas John

Custom-made parts

+49 (0)5233 38360-45

Thomas John is a certified technician for mechanical engineering and joined FUHR in 2012. His duties comprise the procurement of drawing parts needed for the ongoing production – on time and as requested.

Tanja Schmidt

Standard & special parts

+49 (0)5233 38360-11

At FUHR since 1992, Tanja Schmidt, as an industrial clerk, is now responsible for the timely and cost-optimised procurement of high-quality catalogue parts.

Nicola Weil

Resources & custom-made parts

+49 (0)5233 38360-58

Nicola Weil, a Technical Draughtsperson with a strong expertise in production planning, joined our procurement department in 2017.

Pascal Werdehausen

flame-cut & custom-made parts

+49 (0)5233 38360-22

The trained industrial sales assistant already gained experience as a technical buyer in the metalworking industry. Since spring 2021, Pascal Werdehausen has strengthened our team and is responsible for the procurement of drawing and flame-cut parts.

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