Machines for the unwinding of wire

A wide selection of uncoilers is supplied by FUHR. The machines differ in layout as well as in the size and the weight of the material to be processed. FUHR supplies uncoilers both as individual units for integration in existing equipment and systems as well as in the framework of complete systems.

Coil Systems

Systems for spirally wound coils

This kind of coil is generally found with raw wires like hot rolled steel or copper wire. Whereas with wire wound layer-wise the winding direction changes from layer to layer, with spiral windings it is always the same.


SMH | Flying spooler

Cantilever spool mounting

The machines of SMH type are characterized by the one-sided take-up of the material to be wound. This is referred to as a so-called cantilever spooler. It makes these machines less expensive than comparable designs with two sleeves (type SMH-Pi).



2-sided spool fixation

The machines of the SMH-Pi type are characterized by the take-up of reels from both sides. The machines are equipped with a counter sleeve for this purpose.



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