Roll Heads

Roll Heads

Roll heads without drive in various designs. Production of profile wire with small or medium cross section – preferably from round wire. Roll heads are suitable for ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Roll heads enable more economic and technically superior production compared to the use of other production techniques such as drawing with a profiled die. Optimal wire surface, lower tool wear and high degree of forming due to rolling contact between tool and wire. In special cases operation without lubrication is possible (dry operation). Roll material is matched to wire material: Tool steel, sintered metal or tungsten carbide.

Tension force is usually applied by drawing machines – alternatively by belt caterpillars. Integration in existing drawing lines as replacement of drawing die boxes without complex line modifications.

Comprehensive accessory range: Wire guides, systems for roll force measurement, central lubrication systems etc.

WN | 4-fold Profiling Head

4-fold profiling head

Four rolls in one plane. Each roll is individually adjustable by hand. Optional quick release for effortless wire threading.


WKA | Reduction roller cassette

Reduction roller cassette

Two roll pairs in two different planes process the wire sequentially. Like type WB, but far more compact design. Suitable for cross section reduction of round wires as an alternative to drawing dies.


WR | Rounding head

Rounding head

WR roll heads are used e.g. for rolling edge radii (so-called edging) on flat wires. Roll adjustment by hand. Optional quick release for effortless wire threading or motorized roll adjustment.


WT | Turks head

Turks head

Four rolls in one plane. Universal head for rolling rectangular and square profiles with just one standard roll set, i.e. without changing rolls.



Rolling heads of types WF, WA and WB



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