Until recently, measurement systems for measuring the quality of products during the process were used almost exclusively for process control. Process variables were measured, then compared with target values and the settings of the production plant were optimised with the deviations determined.

Conventional laser shadow measurement systems, as typically used in the drawing of round wires, have not proven themselves in profile rolling plants. For one thing, even a slight tilting of the wire changes the size of the shadow. On the other hand, laser systems cannot be used permanently in the wet area of the pre-rolling stages.

FUHR therefore relies on tactile measuring systems in which the wire is scanned with diamond-tipped, high-resolution displacement measuring systems. Alternatively, instead of diamond pins, pin rollers are available that are specially adapted to the wire geometry.


Measurement systems


IMS | Inline measurement system

Inline measurement system

FUHR has been building and developing its own wire measuring devices since several years. They are characterised by precision, robustness and a particularly good cost-performance ratio. FUHR uses these systems in new mills, but also supplies them for existing and third-party lines.


F-MAS | FUHR measurement & acquisition system


In order to be able to fulfil the customer requirements for data analysis and quality documentation, FUHR has now brought its data acquisition and evaluation system F-MAS to market maturity. It is available as an additional option to the tactile measuring system but can also be retrofitted to existing digital or analogue measuring systems.



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