F-MAS | FUHR measurement & acquisition system

F-MAS | FUHR measurement & acquisition system


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FUHR measurement & acquisition system

In order to meet customer demands for data analysis and quality documentation, FUHR has now brought its F-MAS data acquisition and evaluation system to market maturity.

It is available as an add-on option to the tactile measuring systems but can also be retrofitted to existing digital or analogue measuring systems. During the development phase, special attention was paid to compatibility with third-party systems – especially with regards to retrofitting in existing systems.


Measuring frequency

The standard measuring frequency rate is 200 Hz. As an option, the F-MAS is available with a measuring frequency of 1,000 Hz. At a frequency of 1,000 Hz and a production speed of 300 m / min, the system acquires a value every 5 mm.


In addition to the measured value display over the entire coil length, the measured values can also be displayed over a scalable time axis. Cyclically occurring errors can thus be determined.

Process capability

The system determines the Cp and Cpk parameters in real time and displays them over the entire coil length.

Frequency analysis

Frequency-based dimensional deviations are automatically detected and assigned to the corresponding source. This allows wear and damage to the machine components to be detected and prevented more quickly.

Data export

With just one click, the collected data can be exported to a CSV or a screenshot. The language and unit system can be selected separately for the report.


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