Copper ribbon for photovoltaic panels

The so-called interconnect ribbons – tinned copper ribbons that are soldered onto the silicon wafer – take away the energy produced photoelectrically. The connection of these interconnect ribbons with the rectifier takes place via the so-called busbars – slightly larger copper ribbons that are also tinned.

FUHR supplies highly productive rolling mills for the rolling of interconnect ribbons and busbars from round copper wire. The rolled ribbons are formed into coils and can then be annealed and tinned in later processes.

High requirements as to dimensional accuracy and straightness of the ribbons are placed on the rolling mill, since only this allows smooth further processing of the ribbon.

Combined drawing and rolling line for PV ribbons

Complete line

Three stand standard line for the typical range of sizes for the copper ribbons for photovoltaics.

On the input side, the round wires are calibrated in the drawing die. This reduces the number of sizes of round wire which have to be kept in stock.

  • Speed: up to 1.000 m/min
  • Size range:
    • Width: 0,8 to 8,0 mm
    • Thickness: 0,08 to 0,50 mm
  • Precision:
    • Width: +/–0,020 to 0,040 mm
    • Thickness: +/–0,003 mm

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Driven sleeve uncoiler

  • Integrated lifting function for loading and unloading
  • No foundation pit required

Photo: Driven sleeve pay-off SMH630-Mo-Pi

Double-drum drawing machine

  • Calibration of the incoming round wire by wet drawing
  • Cylindrical drawing drum with tungsten carbide coating
  • No relative motion between wire and drawing drum and no contact between the wraps of wire. Best wire quality as a result

2-high rolling mill

  • Tungsten carbide rolls of 120 mm diameter
  • Continuous roll oscillation to avoid track marks
  • Bearing oil lubrication with oil cooling for highest precision
  • Roll positioning by servomotors

Photo: 2-high rolling mill WSR112

Width and thickness measurement

  • Contactless width measurement by means of laser shadow principle
  • Thickness measurement as contact measurement with diamond tips
  • Automatic wire dimension control for width and thickness
  • Trending diagram in operator panel
  • Data export as csv file or via network interface

Drawing machine with wire drying

  • Double drum drawing machine for separation of rolling and spooling process. Drawing tension for rolling and spooling can be optimally selected
  • Integrated hot air drying to avoid oxidation on the reel

SMH630-Mo/O-Pi precision layer spooling machine

  • Spooling machine with integrated lifting mechanism
  • No foundation pit required
  • Computer controlled layer winding program
  • Faultless layer winding with guide wheel