Various rolling heads

Rolling heads of types WF, WA and WB

Various rolling heads

WF | Ribbing head

Three rolls in one plane – individually adjustable by hand.

Optional motorized roll adjustment for all three rolls synchronously.

The type WF roll heads are generally used for ribbing of reinforcement or prestressed steels. They are also ideally suitable for the production of triangular or hexagonal (in two steps) profiles.

WA | 6-fold profiling head

Six rolls in one plane. Suitable for hexagonal wire or special profiles.

A: Hexagonal profile
B: Special profile e.g. for nails

WB | Reduction head

Two roll pairs in two different planes process the wire sequentially.

Type WB roll heads are suitable e.g. for cross section reduction of round wire with the so-called round – oval – round sequence.

1st step: round wire is rolled oval
2nd step: oval wire is rolled round


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