Type WN | Standard profile rolling mill

The WN range is the base type for the Fuhr profile rolling mills. The WN type profile rolling machines are always used when profile wires need to be produced economically and normal precision is sufficient. The mechanical concept of this machine type leads to compact dimensions so that machines with large roll diameters are also possible. Fuhr supplies the WN type with roll diameters of up to 500 mm – and thereby provides the largest 4-roll profile rolling mill which is available on the market.

In the development of the WN profile rolling mill, great emphasis was placed on fast set-up in order to meet the requirements of flexible production.

Rolling mills of type WN are robust, require little maintenance and are designed for operation in tough, demanding environments.

Photo: WN10-Mo

Technical data

Type Roll diameter [mm] max. roll width [mm] max. separating force [kN]
WN2 100–110 25 20
WN4 125–140 30 40
WN8 160–180 40 100
WN10 235–260 55 250
WN12 290–320 64 450
WN14 360–400 90 650
WN16 460–500 110 1120

Customer specific variations are possible. Example: Further use of existing rolls, etc.


  • Central lubrication of the roll bearings with grease or oil
  • Various designs of wire guides
  • Roll mounting devices and bearings
  • Roll rings in various materials (steel, tungsten carbide, …)

Application examples

Pre-profiling of steel wire for straight-line drawing machine

Round wire is pre-profiled with a driven profile rolling mill, followed by final calibration in a drawing die.

  • Coil unwinder
  • WN10-Mo profile rolling mill with four driven rolls
  • Dancer for speed synchronization
  • Straight-line drawing machine
  • Shears and bar store

Video: WN10-Mo in line with straight-line drawing machine


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Roll ring system

  • Profiled roll rings are installed on mounting devices
  • Roll material freely selectable according to need
  • Faster roll change due to detachable shaft system and gear drive


Video: WN14-Mo roll change

Square and trapezoid profiles

  • Upper and lower roll as special roll
  • Side roll as universal roll

Scheme: Rolls for trapezium and square

Special profiles

  • Roll set specially shaped for the particular wire profile
  • Automatic calibration


Scheme: Special profile rolls