Consulting services

Your needs are always paramount to us

We do not see ourselves simply as a supplier of individual technical solutions, but pursue – together with our customers – holistic solution approaches. This starts with a comprehensive consultation with a technically well-versed contact person with many years of experience from our sales team.

It makes no difference whether you need a complete production line or only individual components: in close coordination, we will work out an individual turnkey solution, tailored to your specific requirements.

Here, we combine in practice already proven and partially standardized components with new technical developments – flexible, and always with the goal of fulfilling your requirements 100%. Or better than that.

Research & Development

Addressing future questions already today

Research and the constant quest for better and more effective solutions are part of the corporate culture at FUHR. Because only a process of ongoing, continuous reinventing will ensure our innovative and competitive strengths over the long term.

We would like to invite you to present us with tomorrow’s questions, so that we can find new answers together. We are researching on topics that arise from the needs of our customers, and subsequently develop practical and economic applications on this basis.

We are innovative, creative and success-promising – which is why we are increasingly attracting government support.

Customer services

Always at the service for your commercial welfare

We do everything it takes to ensure that your system works faultlessly, reliably and productively. It is not only our high standards of workmanship, but also our competent and reliable customer Service, that all contribute here. In the event of a problem our service technicians can access your system in real time, establish a remote diagnosis, and perform the appropriate countermeasures.

In this way we can offer every kind of after-sales support and further training of your staff, delivering time and costs savings.

In order to ensure high availability and productivity for your system, we keep a maintenance reserve of all important parts. Wherever you are – if a component happens to fail, we will organize a suitable replacement as promptly as possible.

Our Team

Electrical installation and commissioning

Marcel Claes

Patrick Guion

Wilfried Schönlau

Mechanical assembly and commissioning

Kevin Erdmeier

Jens Klare

René Müller

Albert Pauls

Jannik Reinhardt

Sergej Ruppel

Pascal Stratmann

Nikolai Unruh

Michael Versen


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