Our engineers for your projects



Senior Project Manager

Klaus Hürche has been with FUHR since 1999 as a construction engineer at the Technical Office (TO). Today, as project manager, he is responsible for the technical engineering implementation of our customers’ specific and demanding requirements.

+49 (0)5233 38360-13

Benjamin Alteheld


Senior Project Manager

Benjamin Alteheld is with FUHR since 2005. Today, he holds sole responsibility for construction orders for individual units as well as complete rolling mills.

+49 (0)5233 38360-43

Carsten Lilienthal

Project Manager

Carsten Lilienthal, a trained mechanical engineering designer, has been working at FUHR since 2015 and, within the scope of his design work, produces, among other things, individual part and production drawings, partial assemblies, as well as entire rolling mills.

+49 (0)5233 38360-63

Nathanael Penner

Project Manager

After having started as an industrial mechanic with FUHR in 2012, Nathanael Penner now works as a mechanical engineering technician in our construction department, responsible for both partial design work and the layout of entire wire rolling machines.

+49 (0)5233 38360-16

Jonas Borgolte


Junior Project Manager

The dual-trained mechanical engineer Jonas Borgolte has been strengthening our design department since graduating from university in autumn 2019 and already works on his own responsibility as project manager.

+49 (0)5233 38360-46