Type WST | Universal profile rolling mill

The special feature of the WST profile rolling mill in comparison with the WSN and WN types is the additional adjustability of the rolls in the axial direction. Each roll can thus be adjusted radially and axially.

This special flexibility allows the WST type profile rolling mill to produce wire with a rectangular or square cross section using only one standardized set of rolls. This saves the time, the cost and the labor required to change the rolls for the desired wire profile. All dimensions of wire can be produced immediately.

The WST type rolling mills have extremely low maintenance requirements. All components are protected from corrosion by galvanization.

Photo: WST175-Mo/NC

Technical data

Type Roll diameter [mm] max. roll width [mm] max. separating force [kN]
WST 112 106–120 20 40
WST 175 170–190 32 112
WST 280 270–300 50 300
WST 350 350–380 60 500

Customer specific variations are possible. Example: Further use of existing rolls, etc.


  • Central lubrication of the roll bearings with grease or oil
  • Various designs of wire guides
  • Roll mounting devices and bearings
  • Roll rings in various materials (steel, tungsten carbide, …)

Application examples

Basic model

  • Undriven rolls
  • Manual roll positioning
  • Radial and axial roll motion mechanically coupled

Photo: Copper cable calibration

NC positioning of the rolls

  • Specification of the wire dimension on the touch panel
  • 8-axis servomotor control
  • Fully automatic calibration in ten minutes
  • Roll force measurement for protection of machine

Video: Roll positioning WST

Roll drive

  • Selective drive of one, two, three or four rolls with separate motors, drive shafts and geared drives
  • Electronic load distribution for simultaneous use of rolls with different diameters

Photo: WST112 with 4-roll drive


Cable calibration

Rolling mill integrated in production line for rectangular multi-wire conductor consisting of:

  • Stranding machine
  • Rolling mill type WST175-Mo
  • Caterpillar haul-off
  • Paper insulation machine
  • Winding machine

Video: WST175-Mo with 2-roll drive

Square and rectangular profiles

  • All wire dimensions with a single set of rolls
  • Specification of the wire dimension on the touch panel

Scheme: Standard rolls for WST mode

Special profiles

  • Roll set specially shaped for the particular wire profile
  • Automatic calibration

Scheme: Special profile rolls for WSN mode