Type WSE | Precision rounding rolling mill

The WSE range is characterized by two rolls with vertical axes. The WSE type rolling mills are used to process the wire to be rolled from the side. Their use is almost always combined with 2-high mills (type WSR) or profile rolling mills (WN, WSN or WST type). The basic mechanical concept with double-sided roll mounting and linear roll adjustment provides this machine with a high stiffness.

In the development of the WSE profile rolling mill, special emphasis was placed on fast reconfiguration and reproducible settings in order to meet the requirements of flexible production.

Rolling mills of the WSE type have extremely low maintenance requirements. All components are protected from corrosion by galvanization.

Photo: WSE150-Mo with driven rolls and motorized roll adjustment axially and radially

Technical data

Type Roll diameter [mm] max. roll width [mm] max. separating force [kN]
WSE 96 96 52 25
WSE150 150 80 60

Application examples

Rolling corner radii on flat copper wire

Rolling of defined edge radii on rectangular profile wires is called rounding.

The groove width is calibrated in small steps (e.g. 0.05 mm). Besides the rolling of the radii, the width variations are reduced also.

NC positioning of the rolls

  • Specification of the wire dimensions and selection of the profile groove on the touch panel
  • 3-axis servomotor control
    • both rolls individually radially
    • both rolls together axially

Video: Roll positioning WSE